Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cover Reveal and a Giveaway on Icey Books!

I've just finished filling out the requirements for an amazing giveaway and I need you to do it too! Icey has a cover reveal for the debut novel, Second Position by Katherine Locke (squeal!!!!). I can already tell you that it's everything you've hoped for and I could not be more excited!!! <--- I'll spare you the thousand exclamation points that I wanted to put, but you get the message yeah? Exciting!!

So, jump on over to Icey to feast your eyes on the cover of Second Position and fill out the raffle copter for your chance at a giveaway!!

Did I mention there is an excerpt from the book? THERE IS AN EXERPT FROM THE BOOK!!  Go!

I need to breathe for a moment.

I am so overjoyed at the talented and fabulous debut author that I get to call my friend, Katherine Locke. My cheeks hurt from smiling for her.

Want to pre-order this book? Head on over to Amazon!

Ok, happy day today!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Frosty the Snowman said, "Happy Birthday!" when he came to life for the first time. I've always admired that choice of words ever since I was a kid. Call me crazy, but I'm also coming to life in this blog, in a manner of speaking. Seemed appropriate.

I'm also currently huddled under the blankets in my bed for two reasons, 1) it's freeeeezing in my house, and 2) my daughter is asleep in her crib next to my side of the bed and I don't want the glow from my phone to wake her. Glamorous this life I lead.

So a tad bit about me, I'm a wife and Mom of 2 awesome kids and a dog. Seriously, I won the lottery on that end. I'm giving my small ones cutesy nicknames on this blog, for obvious reasons. Robin is 4 and he's obsessed with superheros. Kitty is 2 and she loves babies and animals. Kitty was born with a very rare congenital syndrome known as Kabuki Syndrome. Please visit to learn more if you are curious. It's been a terribly challenging experience. But we love our strong girl and she amazes me daily. I'll probably speak more about her later.

I'm an avid reader. Currently I'm reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. Highly recommend it!  I'm always looking for good books to read, so hit me up with your recs. I'm on Goodreads too. I enjoy painting, cooking, playing make believe, singing when no one is listening, daydreaming, and ... drum roll please... Writing! That will be the primary focus of this blog. Mostly my thoughts on all things writing, with some other randoms thrown in just to mix it up. Intrigue, I know. I'm a Bond villain for sure.

I'm in the process of writing my first novel. Well, I say "first" because it's one that I actually intend to have published. (eeep!) I have other unfinished works in my computer, but no one should probably ever read those. Ever. :) So I will probably talk about this WIP (work in progress) from time to time. It's too exciting not to share. The entire process has been eye opening, challenging, and absolutely a dream come true. I've been wanting to be published ever since I was young. I don't remember what age I decided to become an author. I just know I will be. Someday. Please? :)

If you've stuck around so far, then I think we might be friends. Stay tuned for more rambling thoughts from me.

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I should think of some cool sign off saying or something. Now accepting ideas. For now, happy birthday!